How to Write A Proper Obituary

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How to Write A Proper Obituary

How to Write A Proper Obituary

How to Write A Proper Obituary

Losing someone dear is always a hard thing to deal with and for some people, writing may be the only refuge. Writing an obituary can be a really daunting task so often funeral homes and mortuaries will write the obituary for you based on the information your provide to them. Once you have collected the information about the deceased that you would like to include the obituary. You will see that writing it, will be easier than you might think.

Therefore, conceiving the obituary for a loved one can be a therapeutic and welcomed task, since you will feel released. If you have read obituaries in the newspaper or online, here are some ways to make the writing a little easier.If you have read obituaries in the newspaper or online, you will notice that there is a pattern to them. They always have certain elements included and the information flows from specifics of the death and funeral, to details about the deceased and surviving family.

1. The first sentence starts with the full name of the deceased, the city in which they resided, the date they died, where they died and sometimes cause of death.

2. The next sentence often tells when and where the deceased was born, and the names of parents.

3. Then the obituary can go on to give accomplishments and a chronological account of the person’s life and education.

4. A list of surviving family is usually at the end, but can also be included right after the first sentence announcing the death.

5. The obituary closes with the date and time of the funeral, burial, wake, or memorial details and a foundation where memorial gifts can be donated.

Some people write their own obituary before death, so that they include the information that is most important and relevant to them. Of you choose to do this, you will save your loved one’s times. However, you might be robbing them of a chance to research your life and say goodbye through the act of writing your obituary.

To assure that news of the passing reaches as many friends, community members and family as possible, it is often good to create both an online obituary as well as a printed obituary in the local newspaper. You should also consider writing two versions of the obituary, a smaller one for print and larger one for online. When thinking of how to write obituaries it is important that you speak to family and friends closest to the departed.


How to Write A Proper Obituary

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