Celebrity Deaths In 2013

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Popular, beautiful, young, older or not, death is unpredictible. Even for celebrities. Although they seem special and immortal, they are humans, as well. Their fame and success will stay alive after years, but it’s sad that they’re not able to go ahead with the plans they had.


In 2013 many famous people died also, such as:

  • Pete Elliot, American Hall of Fame college footbal player
  • Patty Shepard, American-born Spanish movie actress
  • Marianne Grunberg-Manago, Russian-born French biochemist
  • George Falconer, Scottish footballer
  • Claude Prefontaine, Canadian comedian
  • Reg Dean, English supercentenarian, Britain’s oldest man
  • Jeffrey O’Connell, American legal expert, professor and attorney, champion of No-Fault Insurance
  • Frank Page, American radio personality, introduced Elvis Presley to the world
  • Robert Gordon Robertson, Canadian civil servant
  • Nagisa Oshima, Japanese director and screenwriter
  • Lizbeth Webb, English soprano and stage actress
  • Thomas McGuigan, New Zealand politician, MP for Lyttelton

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    All these people had an amazing impact in the fields they were active. Their involvement and work had great results. Nonetheless, some of them were also controversial and criticised, but it’s normal.

    There are obituaries about them on the Internet. In 2012 died also many celebrities from various fields, some of them skocking the entire planet. If you want to write an obituary from the above mentioned famous people, you can find special sites that charge no fee.


    The obituaries remain online or in the archives, so people can access them and read them for years to come. Smaller, local papers will often publish obituaries for free or for a small fee.


    Additionally, the variety of online memorials is impressive and one of them allow you to include photos of the deceased. Online obituaries length varies depending on the website you have chose.

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