Tips To Find Free Obituaries Online

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There are many ways that you can find free obituaries online. No matter if you’re looking for an ancestor, friend or just someone you want to find out more about, online newspaper archives and obituary databases are great resources for people research and also for family history.


Read the following tips and you’ll see that it’s easy to find what you’re looking for:

SSDI or The Social Security Death Index. This is an online and free resource, having over 80 million records of virtually all deaths that took place in the US in the past few decades. Even though it doesn’t include free obituaries, it helps you find out an exact date of death and provides a few pieces of information on the place where the death occurred. It can also provide details on a person’s full name, which is very helpful in your following research.


Use Genealogy Databases for Older Records to find someone’s place of death and date. Some good examples of sites are and
Search free newspaper archives, one of the best starting points being Or, you can do a search at, which is a subscription service. The initial search is free. In case you don’t find what you’re looking for, try, a subscription database. A preliminary and free search helps you identify if the obituary you’re looking for is available in this system.


These websites will help you find what you’re looking for, even if you’re searching for curiosity or for any other reason. The Internet is at hand, so you can search anytime you want.

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Celebrity Deaths in 2012

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Rich or poor, young or old, famous or not, every single person on Earth will leave this world at one point or another. Celebrities may seem immortal, but in the end, death does not discriminate. Here are the most famous people who died in 2012. They are actors, musicians, sports people, TV personalities and world leaders who we now mourn. However, their legacy will forever remain in our hearts and the hearts of those who knew them.

1. Sarah Burke, freestyle skier and X-Games winner, died from injuries sustained after a crash at the bottom of a superpipe. She died on January 19 and was 29 at the time.


2. Etta James, prolific singer and songwriter, died on January 20 after a long battle with leukemia. She is renowned for bridging the gap between R&B and rock & roll and winning numerous awards, including 6 Grammys. She was 73.


3. James Farentino, an iconic TV actor, died at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. following complications due to a broken hip. He was 73 at the time of death (January 24).


4. Whitney Houston, the beloved gospel-trained pop diva, died on February 11, 2012. She was found dead in her hotel room’s bathtub. The reason for her death was initially unknown, but it seems that she had overdosed. She was 48 and had a history of drug and alcohol abuse.


5. Chuck Brown, the “godfather of Go-Go music”, died on May 16 from pneumonia, after being hospitalized a week before passing away. He had been canceling shows throughout the year because of his deteriorating health.


6. Donna Summer, the legendary disco queen, passed away on May 17 after a long battle with cancer. The 5-time Grammy winner is renowned for hits such as Love to Love You Baby, Last Dance, and She Works Hard for the Money.


7. Kathryn Joosten lost an 11-year battle with lung cancer and died on June 2, at the age of 72. She is renowned for appearing on many TV series, including Desperate Housewives and The West Wing.


8. Andy Griffith, one of the most beloved American actors, died at the age of 86 from natural causes. He passed away on July 13. The actor is well know for the series The Andy Griffith Show and Matlock.


9. Neil Armstrong, probably the most famous astronaut in the world, died on September 25 due to complications from blocked coronary arteries. The first man to step foot on the moon was 82.


10. Michael Clarke Duncan, most known for his roles in The Green Mile, Armageddon, and Daredevil, passed away on September 3 in the hospital he had been since a hearth attack in July. He was 54.


Other notable celebrity deaths in 2012 include:

  • Andy Williams
  • Ron Palillo
  • Joey Kovar
  • Tony Scott
  • Mel Stuart
  • Joe Kubert
  • Gore Vidal
  • Tom Davis
  • Sally Ride
  • Chad Everett
  • Richard D. Zanuck
  • Rodney King
  • Nora Ephron
  • Mary Kennedy
  • Maurice Sendak
  • Dick Clark
  • Junior Seau
  • Patricia Medina
  • Levon Helm
  • Ronnie Montrose
  • Jimmy Ellis
  • Davy Jones
  • Andrew Breitbart
  • Leslie Carter
  • Johnny Otis

May they all rest in peace!

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Coping With The Death Of Your Child

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If you have another child, you need to find strength to get out of bed each morning

The death of a child is a horrible thing. But when this happens to your own, you will feel like the whole world is crashing on you. You need to be able to face it and to acknowledge that this is a tragedy that will mark you forever, but at the same time, you need to regain your strength and to move on with your life for the sake of your family and of your mental health. The usual life cycle implies that a child is born, grows up, get married, has kids, grandchildren and so on. When his life is suddenly interrupted, your hands are tied and even if you don’t want to admit it, you know he will never be back and you will never be able to cradle him in your arms. The death of your child will leave a wound on your soul, so you will need time in order to cope with it.

There are five stages that you will face after this death and you should better know them in order to be fully aware of what you are going through and to have control of your life, in order to be able to stay on the path to recovery.

  • Denial and isolation come in the the first place. It’s very hard to accept that your beloved child will never return to you and you will never see him again. It’s understandable that you need some time alone in order to get used to this idea. Take your time and grief. At some point, you will understand that there is nothing you can do anymore, because death is irreversible.
  • Anger is the next phase. You will need some time to get through all the questions: why you, why your child, why now? You will feel it’s not fair and you will try to find those who are guilty, but if there are no culprits, you will make amends with his death at some point.
  • Bargaining is another stage of the pain that appears after the loss of a child. Unfortunately, you cannot undo what already happened, so after some time you will see there is nothing you can offer or do to have him back with you.
  • Depression happens almost in all cases when a parent loses a child. The idea that one has to bury his child is hard to bear, so be prepared to accept the advice of a professional because depression can get very serious.
  • Acceptance is the last stage. After overcoming all the mixed feelings you have related to the death of your child, this last phase will set you free and will make you understand that there really is nothing you can do to have him back no matter how you feel or how you act.

If you have other children to tend, the whole process may be a little bit faster than in the cases of those who lost their only child. Don’t keep your emotions for you, share with your family and friends how you feel and find the perfect coping mechanism that can help you get through the immediate period after the death of your child in a more rapid manner. Keep his stuff close to you in order to be able to touch it and talk about him all the time. Even if your child isn’t with you anymore, he will always live in your heart.

Accept the help of those close to you and after you feel that you can do it, try to offer support for others who experience the same drama.

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Essential Information Used in Obituary Writing

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Writing an obituary can be a painful ordeal, especially if you know the deceased. It can also be an important thing to do if announcing a person’s death is relevant to a small community. Writing an obituary may be difficult, but at the same time, it may be therapeutical for the person who writes, since it’s their last goodbye.

When it comes to writing an obituary notice, customs and traditions may vary depending on the religious affiliation, ethnic background or even region. You can find it beneficial to look at an obituary notice in your local newspaper to get a better idea of how an obituary in your area is written. Most of the times, the obituary is written by the funeral home or mortuary, but many people choose to write an obituary themselves.


As a general rule, major national newspapers have their own staff write and publish newsworthy obituaries for free. They charge a hefty fee to publish non-newsworthy obituaries and they are online for a short period of time. Smaller, local papers will often publish obituaries for free or for a small fee. The obituaries remain online or in the archives, so people can access them and read them for years to come.

What are the conditions to publish an obituary?


There are several newspapers that will publish a lengthy obituary for free, but it is best to contact them before you start to write. Be sure you will be able to publish the entire obituary before you write. The average length of an obituary, be it in a newspaper or online, is about 200 words, but it can be as long as 450 words or as few as 50 words.

What exactly to write in an obituary?

Once you have determined who will write the obituary and how long the obituary will be, it is time you start gathering information about the deceased. An obituary must contain the following information:

  • full name of the deceased;
  • date and place of birth;
  • surviving family;
  • date, time and address of funeral;
  • date, time and address of the memorial service;
  • date, time and address of burial service;
  • address of cemetery or mausoleum;
  • officiating clergy;
  • memorial contributions to be made in lieu of flowers to;
  • photo.

You might wish to include the following information if you have space and if the details are appropriate, but it is not necessary:

  • cause of death;
  • education;
  • religious affiliations;
  • professional memberships;
  • participation in local or national organisations;
  • military service;
  • occupation and employment history;
  • accomplishments, achievements, awards, publications, etc.;
  • hobbies or activities;
  • acts of charity.


Before you sit down and begin to write the obituary, make sure you have all the necessary information on the deceased and contact your local newspaper to find out just how much they charge and if they have a free obituary listing online. If you cannot find your inspiration, you could always go online and read examples of other obituaries. Remember to proofread and double-check the obituary for mistakes.

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The Easy Way To Write An Obituary

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When you are confronted with the loss of a loved one, you have to handle many emotions and sad feelings. In such a situation, writing an obituary can be very difficult, but you still have to collect all your thoughts and feelings.

There are many websites on which you can write obituaries for free. To make things easier for you, there are a few things that cannot and should be written.


The variety of online memorials is impressive and one of them allow you to include photos of the deceased. Online obituaries length varies depending on the website you have chose.

You will also find websites that provide templates. There are some things that you should include such as free obituaries, as well as the details on funeral, memorial service and charities.

For a personal touch, you should also include data about the person’s personal life such as education, hobbies, interests, awards,  community contributions, achievements, military service and employment.



Add a poem, quotations or a verse from the bible to express you feelings and thoughts.

Many people print these obituaries in the local newspapers, but it can also be a national or metropolitan newspaper. Nonetheless, as the Internet is at hand, many people use it instead of newspapers.

Free online obituaries have several advantages compared to newspapers such as:

  • no cost
  • no limitation of the length of your message
  • the possibility to add photos
  • no limited geographic reach, so you will be able to reach even relatives and friends that are located in faraway locations
  • the possibility to include optional information such as articles published by the person, religious affiliations, officiating clergyman, and memorial contributions, the cause of death, humanitarian activities done by the deceased and many other things
  • you can express freely your emotions and thoughts and share them with other people




Now that you know what kind of information can be included, it will be easier for you to gather your thoughts and express your feelings. Apply the above tips and the process of writing an online obituary will be simplified.

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What Not To Say To A Person Who Suffered A Loss Recently

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Having to face a death of someone who was really loved and appreciated takes a toll on anyone. If you have around you someone who recently suffered a loss, you need to be very understanding and empathic, because your colleague or friend may still be coping with what happened. Exactly because of this, you need to take care with what you say when you are near that person, because there are things that can hurt. You need to be helpful and to suggest activities and things that will help your friend get over the problem. He or she could write free obituaries or simply keep a diary for a period of time. Another wonderful thing to do to keep his or her mind of this problem is to get involved in helping somebody. Charity work and volunteering are really great and helpful in these cases because they are mutually beneficial. However, if you want to offer a piece of advice, take care not to say something which would sound wrong and would hurt the person whom you are speaking to. There are some sentences that people that recently lost someone simply do not need to hear.

“It was for the better”, for example, will sound awful. Even if the deceased person suffered a lot and was in great pain before the death, you should never say to someone who suffers because of the tragedy that it was for the better. You need to understand that your friend is still in pain. “At least he did not suffer” is another sentence that you are not aloud to say to someone mourning. No matter how the person died, the one who still lives and is close to you suffers tremendously.

“It is for the best that he did not had kids” is another thing with which you could do more damage. For the person who feels the loss, it would have been really important that the one that died had kids, because they would have been a continuation of life. There are many things that could offend or hurt someone who just suffered a loss, so you need to pay attention to all that you say. You could better offer him or her information about free obituaries or things that can mend the pain and simply try to be there for your friend because you might be needed.

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Post Free Obituaries Online

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Dealing with a loss can be excruciating for most people. Besides being in mourning, the grieving family also has to deal with so many funeral arrangements. Moreover, they also have to let everyone know the tragic news. This may be one of the hardest moments when losing a beloved one, since many people will be shocked, will start to cry, or will want to know everything about what happened. Not being in the mood to deal with all that is completely understandable. With the Internet being at the tip of your fingers, finding ways to avoid that but still let everyone know is possible. You can do that by means of free obituaries. You can post a free obituary online and get this off your mind.

Once you go online, you will find numerous websites that give you the chance to post an obituary for free. You just have to enter the required travel information, such as name, last name, and state. Sometimes this is all it takes. If you want to put it some nice words, you can do that as well. It all depends on how you feel and whether you have the strength to write something about the beloved person who passed away or are simply incapable of expressing your feelings right now. Remember that regardless of what you decide, people will understand. Traditionally, obituaries are news articles that reports the recent death of a person and are published in local newspapers. An account of that person’s life and information about the upcoming funeral are usually included in the obituary as well. However, newspapers in large cities only publish obituaries for people considered significant.

This is not the case with small towns, when an obituary may be published for every resident upon death. However, all these obituaries are not free, nor do they include pictures. The free obituaries you can post online do not admit pictures, either, but at least they are free. In these hard times, money must be the last thing on your mind. It is important to get it together though and think about the fact that many people would like the chance to say goodbye and be there by your side at the funeral. The number of people who will come to honor the memory of your beloved one will surely surprise you and you will feel so much better that you have let them know about the event by posting free obituaries online.

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About Free Obituaries

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Most people are not famous or fortunate enough to receive the attention of a news obituary in the newspaper or on the Internet. If you find yourself needing to write free obituaries for someone else, here are some tips that might help you in the process of writing. At a minimum, free obituaries are notices in the newspaper of a death and funeral arrangements. But it can be much more, such as the record of the extended family both living and dead, a thank you to those who helped or a request for memorial donations. Most importantly, free obituaries can also be a compelling story of a life.

When it comes to writing free obituaries, here are some tips that help you better write. Accuracy and completeness are a must when writing free obituaries. Errors can slip in, names can be misspelled, dates can be wrong, information can be missed. The best way to ensure the accuracy of free obituaries is to proofread them again and again. The final result is up to you, but it would be a mistake, for example, to omit some relatives simply by accident.

Summing up is another important feature of free obituaries. Free obituaries can be interesting and compelling, especially if it focuses more on the life lived than on the notice of the death. Free obituaries can help those in the family and other people know more about one of their own member, themselves and their community in general. Choose the words carefully and make sure you write the obituary, since for many people this may just be about the only thing that is ever written about them in their whole life and death. The obituary can be the defining statement about that person for the family, friends, and community. An obituary can be read in the present day and saved for generations. All the more reason to make it more lively and significant. Death is not something easy, but we must regard it as a natural act and the free obituaries as a means of saying goodbye to those who have passed away.

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Free Obituaries To Mend The Pain

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Losing someone and acknowledging that he or she will never come back is extremely painful. This is why, in order to mend the pain it is better to find new activities. Going out with friends, in order to socialized is great, but this cannot be done all the time. When remaining alone, instead of turning to grief, try to reach the next level, finding peace. You can do it easier with free obituaries. Thanks to free obituaries, you can now freely express your thoughts that involve the person that passed away. You may feel pain or you may be furious, the most important thing is to make sure you get some relief. For this, the free obituaries are perfect. In the free obituaries you can write everything that crosses your mind in accordance to what recently happened.

You can use the free obituaries also to write down your feelings toward that person. Simply imagine that you are talking to him or to her and express what you feel deep down. Although the free obituaries will never be read by anyone else but you, you will still feel better after such an experience. Maybe as long as this person lived you were not able to say everything you have wanted. If it is like this, you should still do it, even after death. Write down in free obituaries all that you wanted to say to the person that is now gone forever.

In the free obituaries you may also write your thoughts related to death. The death of someone you love is a traumatic experience and after it happens it may affect you on the long term. Thinking about death is natural, but you should get used to the thought that everyone will be gone someday. The free obituaries will help you write your observations concerning death and this way, you will feel relieved. It is easier to make amends with the whole situation if you are writing everything down. It will be easier for you to relax and you will learn to easily let go. A death is always tragic, but in the end, you will learn to live with the pain.

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Free Obituaries Help You Let Go of the Loved One

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Obituaries are the best way to express your feeling towards that loved person who has passed away, or just let everyone know about his/her passing away. The traditional way of publishing free obituaries was by means of newspapers. Nevertheless, with Internet becoming a more important part of our lives, people can now publish free obituaries online Obituaries that are too long or too expensive to publish in the newspaper are often published online for free.

Free obituaries lists are usually only available for a two week period before they are archived, so make sure you check out the online newspaper obituaries archived of each newspaper if you do not find what you are looking for. There are numerous websites that are specialized in publishing free obituaries and after two weeks are archived. Therefore, you will not lose the free obituaries you have posted.

Finding an obituary website is very easy. Just go online to one of the many search engines and type in free obituaries. The search engine will redirect you to a list of obituary websites. Most of these free obituaries websites have a state index, so you can easily find the one from your state. Not only will you find the most recent obituaries, but also archived free obituaries.

Writing an obituary is not an easy task, since you have to put on virtual paper your thoughts about the person who has just passed away. More often than not, an obituary is the best way to deal with someone’s death and it can really help you overcome the sadness and the hard period in your life. After you publish the free obituaries, try to resort to other activities that take your mind off the unfortunate incident. Free obituaries are a way of honoring the memory of the loved one who is no longer with you, by writing down everything that kept and still keeps you attached to him/her. If you do not have the strength to do it yourself, you can ask for your friends or other family members to jolt down free obituaries.

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